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How to download Faeria

Faeria is free to download through Steam for PC/Mac/Linux and App Store for iPad.


Faeria's Factsheet

  • Release Dates:
    Steam Early Access (Windows, MacOSX):
    1.0 Release (Windows, Linux, MacOSX, iPad):
    1.2 Expansion "The Adventure Pouch: Oversky":
    iPhone, Android tablet/phones:
    Second half of 2017

“A profound yet accessible game where random fades before player skill”


“If Hearthstone and Settlers of Catan had a child, Faeria would beat it up and take it's lunch money. And that's a good thing.”


“Faeria is the next
competitive Card Game that you should play!”



Following a successful Kickstarter that gathered more than 3,500 backers in 2013, Faeria was revamped to make it closer to our vision of “easy to learn, hard to master”.

Faeria is the next generation of card game, a PC card battler perfected for mobile. Faeria's gameplay combines core Card Game values together with a Living Board, giving our players the ability to shape the battlefield as they play, creating mind-blowing strategies. Each game of Faeria is not only unique, beautiful and fast-paced but also highly competitive.

After a year in Early Access, Faeria's release version was launched on March 8th 2017. After years of hard work, dedication and love, Faeria has evolved into the game we always knew it could be!

On August 7th 2017, Faeria's first expansion launched. The Adventure Pouch: Oversky introduces a unique new co-op mode, to be played with friends or with an AI ally, as well as 33 brand new Oversky cards featuring new mechanics, and more!

At Abrakam we are PC gamers first, and we are driven by bringing high quality strategy game experiences to both PC and mobile gamers. What could be better than creating the game we want to play ourselves, but for a huge audience??

Faeria Features

Even though there are some very important features still to come, Faeria currently offers all of the key features you'd expect of a quality game:

• 30+ hours of exciting Single Player gameplay
• Over 340 Unique Cards
• Practice vs AI
• Unique co-op campaign
• Battle mode (PvP) - ranked or casual
• Pandora Mode (Draft)
• True cross-platform support
• Tournament features
• Spectator mode
• Friends list + challenge your friends
• In-game shop for: Battle Chests (booster packs), Solo Quests, Cosmetics and Mythic Chests!
• Cool Emotes
• Beautiful art and illustrations

Faeria's 1.0 version, was already the polished game we always wanted to present at the end of Early Access, and with our first expansion, The Adventure Pouch: Oversky, Faeria is even better than ever before! However our work is far from over... we have big plans for the future of Faeria, and won't stop working on adding more features and content.

One of the most important things we are working on is bringing Faeria to more devices: we are working on bringing Faeria to iPhones as well as Android phones and tablets later in 2017.

And we'll keep listening to our community too - they helped us get where we are now, and we'll keep listening to what players think can improve Faeria.

Faeria History

Where it all started
It all began with two of our founders, Jean-Michel Vilain, a game developer, and Martin Pierlot, a graphic designer, who started working on Faeria as a side project in 2005. By June 2013 Abrakam was formed, with Jen Berger and Olivier Griffet having previously joined the project, launching a successful Kickstarter campaign following in September that year. This Kickstarter campaign funded the next year for Abrakam, before going through a seed round of over €1mm at the end of 2014 - on top of investment from two Belgian public funds, this round was lead by tech investment fund The Faktory.

This funding allowed the team to aim for higher expectations of Faeria than could be met using the original Flash-based MVP, and so began a rebirth of the game: a new development on the Unity engine that would allow us to support multiple platforms from the same codebase as well as scale our team up more quickly and efficiently.

Why we made Faeria?
The inspiration for Faeria came primarily from physical card games, with the founders wanting to create a digital game that they enjoyed as much as the original Magic The Gathering physical game.

However, while Magic's influence on our game is undeniable, Faeria looks to introduce many unique elements above and beyond traditional CCGs, from intricate gameplay aspects to obvious key features such as our unique Living Board concept, where both players shape the board on which cards are played as the game progresses.

The synergy between card and board game genres gives Faeria multiple interweaving layers of strategy - no two games look the same as each other, and low levels of randomness ensure that luck is always overshadowed by player skill.




If you want to write an article or create something for the Faeria community, we have setup a public Dropbox folder with a lot of assets. Feel free to dive in and use those (make sure to be compliant with our Terms of Use though). If you need additional information, please contact us at press@abrakam.com.

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